9 Reasons to Invest in Corporate Weight Loss This New Year

Jan 16, 2024

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Being overweight or obese can have a direct impact on employee wellness, and that can take a toll on productivity and morale. If you own a business, here’s why you should consider a corporate weight loss program for your workplace.

The CDC says about three-quarters of Americans are overweight, and many of them have trouble shedding those pounds on their own.

Corporate weight loss programs help employees set and achieve healthy weight goals by increasing accessibility to weight management tools and support that might otherwise be unavailable or inconvenient.

Even better, workplace weight management programs benefit employees and employers, a win-win opportunity every business should consider.

At Premier Physicians Weight Loss & Wellness in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Reno, Nevada, Dana Trippi, DO, and her team specialize in corporate weight loss programs focused on each business’ needs and targets. 

In this post, learn nine benefits these programs offer your business and employees.

1. Improved employee health

Being overweight increases the risk of chronic health problems, including hypertension, heart attack, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and some types of cancer.

A corporate weight loss program helps employees lose weight and lower these risks. Plus, dropping extra pounds can reduce stress and make a difference with depression and other mood-related issues.

2. Customizable solutions

Corporate weight loss programs don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team offers a wealth of services that allow employees to tailor plans that work for their weight loss needs and goals and reflect their lifestyle and fitness preferences.

3. Increased employee morale

A corporate weight loss program is an opportunity for team-building; individual and team challenges, for example, can foster a sense of solidarity and community. Plus, your program underscores your commitment to your employees, which can improve overall morale.

4. Enhanced productivity

Carrying extra pounds means your body must expend additional energy for even the slightest activities. Losing weight increases natural energy levels, improving workplace productivity and enhancing problem-solving skills and concentration.

5. Greater convenience

Finding time for trips to a doctor’s office or other fitness provider can quickly derail weight loss plans. A program at the workplace makes it easy and convenient for employees to lose weight and reap healthy benefits without disrupting their busy schedules.

6. Fewer absences

Data show that employees who are overweight or obese are far more likely to miss work, in part due to immune system issues or chronic illnesses affected by being overweight. An on-site weight loss program can address underlying causes to help reduce related absences.

7. Lower health care costs

It makes sense: When employees are healthier, they need fewer trips to the doctor and medical treatments for acute and chronic medical issues. That translates directly into lower health care costs for your employees and your business.

8. Decreased risk of disability and workers’ compensation claims

Likewise, healthy people are less likely to experience health issues or injuries that can lead to disability. Lowering these risks means fewer disability and workers’ comp claims.

9. Positive impact on company image

As mentioned, a workplace weight loss program clearly shows commitment to your employees’ lives and wellness. In addition to projecting a positive image to current and future workers, offering a program can foster a positive image among customers, vendors, and investors.

Invest in your employees’ healthy futures, your workplace culture, and your bottom line. To learn how to get started with a corporate weight loss program, request an appointment online or over the phone with the team at Premier Physicians Weight Loss & Wellness today.