Is Your Diet Well Balanced?

Mar 01, 2023

Is Your Diet Well Balanced?

When it comes to your health, you truly are what you eat. That means a well-balanced diet is especially important. But how do you know your diet is balanced? And how can you be sure you’re getting the nutrients you need? These tips can help.

The word “diet” is inescapably linked with weight loss. If you’re within a healthy weight range, then dietary choices just don’t seem as important. But losing excess pounds and maintaining a healthy weight are just part of what a well-balanced diet can do for you. 

Dana Trippi, DO, and the team at Premier Physicians Weight Loss & Wellness offer patient-centered nutrition services aimed at helping women and men enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Here’s what they want you to know about your dietary choices.

The importance of a balanced diet

“You are what you eat” is an old saying with a lot of truth behind it. Your body needs nutrients in specific quantities to function normally. When you don’t get enough of those nutrients — or even if you get too much — your diet is unbalanced. That can have a big impact on your health.

The CDC lists multiple benefits associated with eating a balanced diet, including:

  • Better immunity
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Better digestive function
  • Healthier teeth, eyes, and skin
  • Healthier pregnancies

Plus, a well-balanced diet helps ward off or manage chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

Still, even though food options can seem almost limitless, many people don’t get the nutrients they need to enjoy these benefits.

Research shows millions of Americans have inadequate levels of key nutrients, like vitamins A, D, C, and E, and minerals like zinc — all needed for good health, especially as you get older.

How to balance your diet

One of the best ways to balance your diet is to eat a variety of fresh, whole foods as close to their natural sources as possible. To do that, avoid prepackaged, processed foods that may make life more convenient but almost always take a negative toll on your health.

While cruising the aisles of your supermarket, keep these tips in mind:

  • Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Look for leafy greens and colorful fruits rich in antioxidants
  • Choose lean proteins and plant-based proteins
  • Opt for low-fat dairy
  • Choose products featuring whole grains
  • Steer clear of unhealthy saturated fats
  • Avoid foods high in added sugars and sodium
  • Read food labels carefully

Unfortunately, even if you pay close attention to your shopping habits, you can still wind up with a nutritional deficiency. 

An underlying medical condition that affects your ability to absorb nutrients is one cause of deficiencies, but chronic stress, illnesses, and more can affect your nutrition too. That’s why the first step in your healthy-eating journey should be a visit to our office for a nutritional evaluation. 

Nutrition guidance based on your unique needs

Our team is skilled in nutritional therapy that helps patients identify deficiencies in their diets.

During your initial consultation, we perform an exam, ask about any symptoms, review your medical history, order lab tests, and go over lifestyle factors that could play havoc with your nutrition (and your health). 

We use this information to develop a personalized road map to good nutrition that focuses on helping you optimize your health while still respecting your lifestyle and preferences.

Depending on your needs, your plan might include supplements, exercise guidance, custom meal plans, medication, or life coaching, all aimed at helping you enjoy better nutrition and health.

Make good nutrition a priority

Don’t take nutrition for granted — and don’t assume that your diet is balanced just because you watch what you eat. Nutrition counseling can make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need to prevent or manage chronic diseases and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about the nutrition services we offer at our offices in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Reno, Nevada, request an appointment online or over the phone today with the team at Premier Physicians Weight Loss & Wellness.